RM of South Qu'Appelle #157 

There will be a minimum charge of $100 for snow removal with the grader and a $100 rate per hour pro-rated at 15 mintue increments after the first hour for ratepayers.  A $200 minimum per hour fee for non-ratepayer, for private lanes, driveways and any custom snow removal and $200 per hour pro-rated after the first hour.  This does not affect the one free lane grade maintenance in summer only per year for ratepayers.  There is no custom lane mowing.  This will be put in place on September 1, 2013.

REMINDER:  All work must be pre-approved by Council before any payment will be made.

The graders will not go out until after the storms are over.  Below is a list of which roads will be opened by division:

First Storm - Division 1&4; then 2&5, followed by 3&6
Second Storm - Divison 2&5; then 3&6 followed by 1&4
Third Storm - Divison 3&6; then 1&4, followed by 2&5

This rotation is to be followed throughout the winter.  All roads with residents will be cleaned.  In this way, all roads should be opened within three days or sooner.

Private lane cleaning may be done after all the public roads are open.

A special trip will be authorized in the case of a medical emergency.  However, a pre-arranged medical or dental appointment will not be considered an emergency, unless it is a surgical procedure (398/01 Resolution)